“This is where I need your help. Thank you for sampling the journal for me. I want to build a small portfolio of ideas on this page of how different people journal. Some like to sketch, doodle or list and I would love to showcase that here.”

Julian Arnold
Creator of Life-Craft


The journal is yours. Use it however you want. Doodle on the front, inside, whatever floats your boat! take a few months to break it in.


If you are happy, take a few photos (or let me come and take some) of the journal after you have used it for a few months. The more varied, the more helpful it will be to others.


I'd love to feature 7 or 8 different ways of journaling to help inspire people with getting creative in journaling. I have some of my own and from Libby, but we would love you to share with us too!

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