We’ve been asked by several people to keep you updated with all that has been going on in our lives. Here is a short update about all of our adventures over the past few months!”



Several people have asked us to keep them updated with what Julian and I are up to, life, marriage and ministry, and we don’t get to spend as much time as we would love to with everyone who loves and cares for us! One way in which we’d love to try to keep in touch is by periodically publishing a short life update on our blog! If you enjoy reading what we are up to, please subscribe below so we can keep in touch.

Julian and I have been married now for nearly eight months! It has been incredible. The wedding day was stunning – we are still overwhelmed by the love and support of all of our friends and family have shown us. We loved spending time with you all, you are all incredible people, and we love you all loads! Our honeymoon was magical, we spent 12 days cruising around the Caribbean – it was beautiful, we genuinely had the absolute time of our lives there. It was a beautiful start to our life together! Most of you will have seen the unending stream of beaches on Facebook and Instagram, so I will withhold from posting a thousand images here 😉

Since we tied the knot, our main focus as a family has been to get our house in order. This has manifested in a variety of ways, but perhaps the most intense and evident has been continuing the renovation on our home! We haven’t been simply redecorating, but we have had to completely gut and renovate the entire home. We have plastered, moved doorways and ripped up floorboards. We need to potentially re-lay a concrete floor, knock a wall down and rip out the entire kitchen – it has been a complete adventure! We are nearly halfway there now, and have completed the upstairs of our home! This is very exciting for us as we are now starting on our living room. We are learning so much in the process, and God has been speaking to us through it. We will keep you updated, and will make sure we post a before and after blog when we complete the work!

Both Julian and I have also graduated from our Masters degrees this year, and are excited about what the next season has in store for us!

In the midst of all of this, we have also had the privilege of travelling, both on holiday and alongside the ministry. Our travel highlight was our trip to Spain, where we saw our wonderful friends Simon and Miriam get married! It was a beautiful day and a tank filler for both Julian and I.

Thank you to everyone who supports us, our wonderful friends and family across the world, and for all of your prayers.

Much Love,

Libby and Julian xx



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